BMW X2 Review [All the Important Factors Discussed]

BMW X2 Review

The BMW X2 review – we are reviewing and telling you everything you want to know about BMW X2.

It resembles a coupe version of the subcompact SUV X1 series. X2 maintains the same standard with the X1 and 2 Series Gran Coupe and also with the Mini Clubman and Countryman. 

The X2 was introduced by BMW in 2018 as a new model. For athletic, competitive advantage, the 2021 X2 model has the running shoe-Esque Edition, M Mesh. The competitors of the X2 series are Audi Q3, Volvo XC40, Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class, and so on. 

The BMW X2 is a more stylish version of the X1 and projects more sportiness than the X1. The X2 is one of the high-performing cars within its category, but its engagement level is not as you would expect it to be. 

The X2 performance is not without some flaws. The BMW X2 received criticisms such as high price, stiff ride quality, harsh impacts, noisy cabin, and tight rear seat. The X2 spec score high on equipment but low on good cheer such as the monochrome cabin, small wheels, and so on. 

The BMW X2 has good sportier seats with nicer cloth and quality ambient LCD light strip. If you value personality, style, and performance in a small SUV, then the X2 will not be a suitable option for you to consider as compared to other SUVs by other brands. 

BMW X2 Review

BMW X2 Review

BMW X2 Performance

All the X2 series feature a super 2.0 Liter turbo-four connected to an eight-speed automatic. For instance, the sDrive28i has 228hp with 253 lb-ft of torque which makes it perfect for 0-60 mph within 6.3s. It is rated by the EPA as 24/32-32mpg city/highway. 

The X2 M35i provides a better powerful version of the 2.0L turbo-four, producing 306hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. BMW says the next model, M Performance mode, will reach 60 in 4.9s with the fuel economy of 23/30mpg city/highway, which is just behind the 28i model. 

The 18i and 18d cars of the X2 are the most affordable, and they come with a manual gearbox. The 20i and 20d versions are upgraded with automatic gearboxes. If what you want is a portable and small SUV, you can go for the BMW X2 M35i.


The X2 ranked the 2019 IIHS Top Safety Pick due to its crashworthiness rating confirmed in the six tests, Acceptable-rated headlights, and a medium score in the Advanced score for prevention system against a front crash. The driver-assist features that are incorporated by BMW into the X2 further reinforce its safety credits. 

There is an automatic braking system coupled with pedestrian detection in the X2. Furthermore, the lane departure warning couples with the automated high-beam are standard in the X2. The X2 has unique adaptive cruise control, which enables the vehicle to continue at the desired speed set by the driver. 

The BMW X2 Cargo Space and Interior 

The X2 can accommodate 5 persons, having 40.3 inches of front legroom and 36.7 inches backseat legroom. The maximum cargo volume is 21.6 cubic feet just behind the rear seat. If the seats get folded down, the cargo volume measures 50.1 cubes. The X2 space is less than the similar X1. 

The X2 lacks the towering position for driving compared with other small SUVs; however, getting comfortable driving isn’t a problem. The two-front seat height is adjustable with enough of a steering-wheel adjustment system such that you can drive at the exact possible position you want. 

The BMW X2 M sport models will not be ideal if you are planning long road trips with your family members. The reason is due to the stiffened and lowered suspension of the M sport models. 

The X2 has a large boot opening with sufficient space to accommodate the family’s luggage even for more than one week away. Furthermore, the BMW X2’s boot is coupled with numerous important features such as a 12V socket, shopping bag hooks, tether that helps to bind luggage, and, lastly, nested cubbyholes. 

A good enough amount of hidden storage just under the floor of the boot is found in the X2. 

The BMW X2 Tech

The X2 has an 8.8-inch touchscreen Apple CarPlay® compatibility infotainment system. The premium package includes a smart power liftgate, navigation features, a hand-up display, and so on. If you consider a standalone option, your X2 will have a 12-speaker Harman Kardon system with a standard seven-speaker audio system. 

BMW X2 Review – Specifications

The X2 engine name is 4-cyl Turbo 2.0L and sDrive28i as trim with 228@5,000hp. The body style is SUV/crossover. The engine uses unleaded premium fuel and 8 speed Automatic Mode. 

The X2 width is 71.8 with no towing capacity. It features an in-line cylinder configuration. The height is 60.1, and the fuel capacity of 16.1. The BMW X2 has 4 cylinders, a Turbo Gas engine type, and 8 transmission speeds. It has a brake assist system and 4 wheel Disc w/ABS braking system. It has an electronic brake distribution and cornering brake controller. 

BMW X2 Depreciation

The X2 depreciation is independent of your model specifications. Generally speaking, the X2 should sustain about 49% of its value after the first three years of usage with not more than 36,000 miles of the journey. 

Drive Experience of BMW X2

The X2 characteristics were shaped out of the X1 architecture to deliver a satisfactory driving experience. The X2 steering gives direct and sharp feelings as well as retains its weighty steering feel, especially in the sDrive models. 

The driver assistance is subject to the options list for highway driving. The 18i, 20i, and range-topping M35i covered the petrol power for the X2. 

If you want to derive more feel from the X2 and top speed, you should not consider the M35i not to even talk about its high selling market price. 

The BMW X2 Price

The BMW X2 costs not less than £26,138 for the new BMW X2 deal. This price is not fixed. It is subject to the dealer or company selling it.

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