Why you Should Buy the 2020 BMW M4?

2020 BMW M4

BMWs are great vehicles you can consider buying. Depending on each person’s experience with BMW cars, most people say that the way BMW produces its cars stands out among other competitors. BMW is considered by many people as “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” BMW’s car design, quality, tradition as well as brand philosophy make the company keep selling in the automotive markets. BMW has manufactured numerous model series, including the BMW M series. The 2020 BMW M4 series is one of the BMW M series. 

Overview of the BMW M Series

The “M” in the BMW “M” stands for ‘motorsport.’ The series was initially designed for racing activities in the 1960s and 1979s. With time, the BMW M series was upgraded and modified for general public use. 

The BMW M series stands out for engines, suspensions, aerodynamics, transmissions, and so on. Examples of the BMW M series include M2, M3, M4, M8, X3 M, and so on. The current M series models are M135i xDrive, M235i xDrive, M550i xDrive, among others. 

The BMW M4 Model

The BMW M4 is an engaging, highly desired sports and fast-moving car. It has a turbocharged engine. The M4 first arrived in 2014. The subsequent revisions have better performance than the first debut in terms of GTS, sharper M4CS, and handling. The M4 comes with a 7-speed DCT twin+clutch gearbox with a 50:50 weight distribution. 

M4 has a low center of gravity with carbon-reinforced plastic used in the M4 construction, which helps the car in saving weight. 

The BMW M4 has a lightweight of less than 1500kg, which was record-breaking. The interior is designed to offer the driver and passengers optimal control as well as unending motorsport behavior. 

The 2020 BMW M4 Design

A unique feature of the 2020 BMW M4 is clear in detail. M4 has a muscular powerdome which indicates the contours of the turbocharged engine. The M4 2020 can be produced as a coupe or convertible. 

Key Specs and Features

The 2020 BMW M4 has a 3.0L twin-turbo six-cylinder engine. Also, it has a seven-speed automatic transmission which gets the EPA – estimated 19mpg combined. 

The 2020 BMW M4 has 13.1 cubic feet of trunk space for the convertible. The BMW M4 also provides seating for not more than four people. The M4 engine produces about 424 horsepower in its base form. 

There is a unique 8.8-inch touchscreen that converts with the central BMW iDrive infotainment system. 

Also present in the 2020 M4 is standard Sirius XM® and Apple CarPlay® satellite radio. The 600-watt Harman/Kardon® audio system, which powers a 16-speaker, is unique in the 2020 BMW M4. 

The M4 has the self-parking assist feature and camera system that captures at 360-degree. 


The BMW M4 ranked well in the market with the peak sales history at Carmax. Also, the M4 has been featured in the following ranking lists: M4 ranked 8th position as the Best Luxury Sports Cars in 2020 and 10th position as the Best Luxury Cars in 2020. 

Why you Should Buy the 2020 BMW M4

Unique Colors

There are many options for color choice for the 2020 BMW M4. Special colors are reserved for the M4, especially if you’re someone who loves people to be aware that you are driving motorsport. Austin yellow, blue, Sea Marino Blue Metallic, and Sakhir Orange are typical colors of the M4. 

Top Type Range

The 2020 BMW M4 convertible top can be dropped just with the touch of a button. The M4 coupe has a fixed roof which provides more rigidity for severity for fierce driving. 

Driver Assist Tech

The M4 has a forward-collision alert with an efficient automatic emergency braking system. Also, the M4 has a lane-deviating signal. With the 360-degree camera, you will enjoy the executive feature that helps you pack properly. 

2020 BMW M4

Turbo Engine

The BMW M series is known for power and speed. The M4 has a unique arrangement of the oil sump. The oil sump keeps the engine effectively lubricated while the car is in motion. M4 owes its power and speed to the straight-six engine that is being supplied by two turbochargers. The M4 has an output of 424 horsepower. 

The displacement of the M4 is 182 cu.in. and maximum torque is 406lbs.-ft. @ 1850rpm. The 2020 BMW M4 transmits a 6-Speed manual. The M4 coupe completes 60miles per hour in 4.3sec. 

Remarkable Interior Experience

It is no longer a piece of news that the 2020 BMW M series are known for comfortable interiors, and the M4 is not an exception. The M4 seats are adequately supported to keep you steady on your seat as you drive. 


The M4 wheelbase is 110.7in, and the length is 184.5in. The width of M4 is 73.6in and height 54.4in. The curb weight is 3625lbs with a ground clearance of 4.7in. 


The maximum cargo volume of the 2020 BMW M4 is 11cu ft and 2140lbs as the payload capacity. 

Fuel Economy 

The city/combined/highway fuel consumption of the M4 is 18/20/25 mpg with the highway Range of 395.0mi. 


The M4 has a basic warranty of 4-year/50000mi; drivetrain warranty If 4-year/50000mi;/corrosion warranty of 12yr/unlimited. Uncensored roadside assistance is also warranted. 

Safety Features 

Much safety priority was placed on the M4. This makes the M4 reliable if you are considering car safety. Some of the safety features include:

Emergency Request button (SOS button)

Automatic energy saving

Forward-crashing warning

Automatic locking refractors (ALR) for child-restraint seat installation. The ALR is present on all passenger seats. 

Front and rear protection Head Protection System(HPS)

Anti-theft alarm. 

Cons of the 2020 BMW M4 

High fuel consumption

Complicated iDrive infotainment system

Clogged rear seats

Expensive options

Low sound quality as compared with other M4 cars.

Wussy exhaust sound. 


The BMW M4 competition price is available around £67,000, while the convertible sells for £71,000. 

Extra Options of Choice in the 2020 BMW M4

Standard BMW M4 Features: These features include the cooling system, LCD headlights, eighteen-inch alloy wheels, adjustable M sport seats, and so on. 

Executive features of the M4 include side and top view cameras, automatic park assist, head-up display, and lots more. 

The convenience and interior of the M4 include wireless charging, a heated steering wheel, and blind-spot monitoring.

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